Week 5 at Khayelisha and Mid Term Review

This week has been such a highlight for us. We started off working at Khayelisha and the school, managing to gain momentum on our various projects, which was really encouraging, and then on Wednesday we headed back to Durban for our Midterm Review. As our team is so far away from the city we were given the opportunity to arrive a day earlier than everyone else. So at 4am we all piled into the car, fuelled with excitement for the days ahead. A few hours later we found ourselves back in civilisation and on our way to Ushaka Marine – the local waterpark and aquarium. Patrick, Matt, and I were all keen to fit in as much as possible and headed to the waterslides as Katlego and Nonto chilled in the aquarium. As it was a school day in their winter (at 26 degrees) we had the place to ourselves, meaning we could run from slide to slide without delay. We all rediscovered our inner child as we span down each tube, full of delight as we hit the pools below. At 11.30 we met up as a team to watch the dolphin show, having never seen anything like it I was amazed at being so close, and was relieved to find out that the dolphins they used were actually rescues rather than captives. The creatures were so beautiful and graceful, it wasn’t difficult to see why the shows are a constant success.

After we dried off and had a quick mooch around the shops, we were greeted by Debbie to take us to where we’d be staying for the next few nights. The place was truly beautiful, it was in a location called Valley of a Thousand Hills, and we sat right at the top. Words cannot explain the views we were surrounded by.

The next day was equally exciting as we saw the arrival of all of the other volunteers; after being separated for a month it was so good to catch up and the site was filled with everyone hugging and laughing. We spent the day discussing what each team had been up to and the different ways in which we could improve ourselves and each other for the coming weeks. In the evening I brought out some henna which I had bought the day before, and by bedtime most people had some form of design on their arm or ankle.

On Friday we had the opportunity to take part in some team building activities at a game reserve called Spirit of Adventure. Despite having worked with each other for four weeks we still had a lot to learn from one another and it was a real insight into how we all operated. We were lucky enough to have the afternoon off and were all thrilled to have time to bond as a big team once again. Saturday was an early start as we headed back to Tugela Ferry, re-energised and ready to get stuck back into the work.

Prayer Requests

Nonto has an interview for a job on Sunday so we pray this goes well.

There are a lot of solar ovens to be made, Katlego is doing a fantastic job so we pray his motivation keeps us going.

We have started an idea for a business competition, we will start having meetings next week so we hope that this goes well.


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